Writing Mentoring

Not coaching, mentoring.

What’s the difference?

A Coach sends you off with a to-do list. They help with tasks and expectations for your performance, whether you understand the reasons or not.
They aim to make you work.

A Mentor pushes you to open your perspectives. They help you by passing along their knowledge and experience, until you achieve the same mastery.
They aim to help you grow.

We can help you grow on your terms.

The Craft of Writing Difference


With our storytelling expertise we can jump into your story wherever you’re having the most trouble and help you move past any challenge you’re facing.

It’s about you and your work!

To Write

There’s a unique pattern to every story, a labyrinth of ideas, characters, emotions, events, and needs to sort through that culminate in a one-of-a-kind story.

We help unlock the story pattern!

Your story already has all the answers, we can show you where to look.

What writers are saying about Craft of Writing!

I started comparing myself to others, getting down on myself and my work. I began doubting my story’s worth as well, which was devastating. You really helped me to put everything back in perspective, explaining character development in simple terms. You talked me through things – actually TALKED IT THROUGH instead of telling me whatContinue reading “@annaeliesebet”


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