Writing coach services to build writer confidence

We Provide 1-on-1 Support with Incomparable Story Feedback

You have a story idea.

Ideas that excite you to no end! A character, a scene, a showdown!

You start writing in a fury knocking out thousands of words – until suddenly the words stop…

You’ve hit a roadblock. The plot is at a dead end and character actions lack motivation. You insert one new gimmick after the next to keep things fresh.

It gets the words to flow, but by the end, a hopelessly complicated story floods the pages.

What works? What doesn’t? What is the book even about?

You try to figure it out yourself to no avail.

Then you ask friends, and relatives, maybe even a few strangers for feedback.

What you get for your trouble is unbridled praise, a hyper-focus on grammar, or vague feelings about the book you need to be a certified psychologist to discern.

Luckily you have Craft of Writing!

All you have to do is hop online tell us about your story. We’ll take everything you have no matter how disjointed and help you tell the story you imagined at the start!

Let us help you get back to writing and finish your book.

Your story deserves it.