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Brave new writing world.

The name of the game in today’s writing world is, more. From modern masters to long-standing legends in any genre, whether self-published or traditionally published, everyone who’s anyone is writing more.

Ask yourself. How fast do the top writers you follow write? How many books a year? 1, 2, 3, more?!

Yet, here you are struggling to complete a single one.

Don’t worry!

There is a way, and it’s way more simple than you’ve imagined.

Here it is.

Most writers…

  1. Gather ideas
  2. Write stories
  3. Organize messes

Top writers…

  1. Gather Ideas
  2. Organize messes
  3. Write stories

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But… I’m a Plotter/Panster! (An Architect/Gardener)

Listen up, this is not “plotting” and it’s not “pantsing”. It’s not architecture or gardening. This is writing. The process of putting words to paper with consistency and a cohesive narrative.

You’ve been identifying with them for years and where did they get you?

How far did they get you towards selling books, finishing books, even writing in your Work in Progress?

If the answer is either of these questions is a resounding – None At All!

Then it’s time to consider these identities and the limiting beliefs that go with them – OFFICIALLY DEAD!

From this moment on you are one of two things.

A professional writer

Definition – A person engaged in the standards of writing.


An unprofessional writer

Definition – A person ignorant of the standards of writing.

To break the rules we must first know what they are.

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