Read Like a Writer FREE PDF

The Ultimate Writing Resource

You’ve heard the advice in countless forms, “If you want to write well you have to read- a lot!”

But how many books have you read in your life?

How many books do you need to read to finally “get it”?

How many books will magically make you an incredible writer- a hundred, a thousand?

The fact is it’s not the quantity, but the quality of your reading that matters.

To learn writing by reading, you have to Read Like A Writer!

That’s why we created this free resource from just a few of the powerful pages in our Notebooks!

With this resource you’ll be able to:

  • Define your own Story Beats no matter what system you use
  • Track the execution and timing of the Beat in any show or book
  • Track the execution of story building and resolution of promises
  • Final assessment of the three most critical elements of any story

Don’t just watch & read, assess & sharpen your craft.