We exist to remove uncertainty from the writing process

In fact, it’s our specialty!

Whether you are a plotter or a pantser your draft doesn’t have to start and end with the plot holes and character motivation problems that are the cause of endless drafts.

How can we serve you?

Craft of Writing Critiques

Using our expertise and focus on storytelling foundations of structure, and cycles, and dominoes. We help you identify needs by chapter.

Get specific tasks to fill plot holes, and strengthen character!

Craft of Writing Mentoring

We talk with you about your story and help you apply structure to it, even if you have no experience. We help your story find it’s purpose and keep it.

You’ll stay centered and focused on your story’s most critical elements!

Craft of Writing Notebooks

Our Writer tools handle the administration needs of your story with the least amount of effort. Allowing you to concentrate on what matters most.

More time to explore and experience the world in your head!

Don’t wander the dark paths alone. We can help light the way.

Check out Writing Mentoring!

Who are we?

Founder James Calderon is an aspiring author just like you. He’s read all the books and written countless words that amounted to stories with incredible possibilities but no real support to achieve their full potential.

He saw a need in the writing community to not just receive subjective opinions about writing but objective information and measurements applied to the process. Tools and information to create a real sense of progress for even the most exploratory writers that would ease writerly anxiety.

That’s why here at Craft of Writing, we don’t tell you what to write, but rather show you how to organize everything so you can have confidence and control over your story.

If you want to plan out all the critical details ahead of time, you can.

If you want to discover all the details as you go, you can do that too.

Where we’re going…

Phase 1 (1-3 year vision)

Critiques, Mentoring, and Notebooks that help you focus your story, track your progress and feel writerly confidence!

Our services and products will inspire, maintain motivation, and help you finish the book you always imagined – in record time!

Phase 2 (3-5 year vision)

WriterBlocks Card Decks that help you brainstorm and track emotional transitions, scene flows, and much more!

Our decks help you reserve the calories your brain burns trying to put together random ideas for what’s most important – writing!

And that’s just the start!

Phase 3 (5-7 year vision)

Writing Application for Storytellers, our mentoring and notebooks are proving grounds of our logic and metrics that we will apply to a storyteller specific writing application.

An app that tracks and helps you organize every aspect of plot, character, structure, pacing, and technical writing – the possibilities are endless!

Phase 4 (7-10 year vision)

Found a Non-Profit to provide all the services of a professional publisher to first-time authors for free. From editing to proofreading, publishing, marketing and beyond.

We want to be able to empower first-time authors to realize their dreams with all the support and mentorship they need to – find success on their own terms.

This what you’ll be contributing to by using our services and products.

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